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York Quick Clinic Employment & DOT Physicals

Physicals Sometimes you may feel healthy, but you’re not. Physicals assess any potential health issues, so you’re aware. Learn more about how we can help you below!

Why York Quick Clinic DOT Physicals?

Want to drive a commercial truck? First, you’ll need to take the DOT physical. This exam will test your general health, as well as mental and emotional fitness. At York Quick Clinic we make sure you’re healthy and safe. We also send results back in a timely manner as we know taking a physical can be a stressful time. If you have any questions about DOT physical, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

FAQ’s about the DOT Physical

Can you imagine a world without toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or disinfectant wipes? Especially after the year we just had?

One of the main things we were reminded of last year was the importance of commercial truck drivers. Without them our loved ones don’t get the supplies they need and when they need it. We need our truck drivers to stay healthy so they can continue to operate commercial vehicles safely.

In order for truckers to keep our economy running they’re required to take a DOT physical. This protects their safety as well as those they share the road with. Here are some frequently asked questions we get about the DOT physical:

Does everyone who drives a truck need a DOT physical?

Yes, you need to take a DOT physical if you plan on obtaining your CDL license. In fact, many employers still require you to take a DOT physical even if the vehicle you’re driving doesn’t meet the CDL requirements. So, chances are you’ll need to take it either way for safety purposes.

What should you expect during a DOT physical?

Medical History

During your dot physical you will need to provide a background of your medical history to the practitioner. Some topics may include:

  • Past surgeries
  • Medications taken
  • History of health conditions (narcolepsy, seizures, heart attacks and more)

Vitals Testing and Physical Examination

Testing vitals is a big part of the DOT physical. Testing includes:

  • Pulse
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Urine sample (optional depending on employer)

Vision & Hearing Testing

The FMSCA requires vision testing to ensure drivers are meeting the standard of 20/40 vision acuity in each eye without correction and at least 70-degree field of vision in horizontal meridian measured in both eyes. Hearing is also essential during the DOT physical. Hearing tests are often done one of two ways:

  1. Whisper test: a test in which the examiner records the distance from the driver at which a forced whispered voice can be heard
  2. Audiometry test: measures the ability to hear sounds at different frequencies to determine if the driver has experienced hearing loss

Physical Examination

Practitioner’s will evaluate general physical appearances such as obesity, various body systems and other medical conditions.

Can you pass a DOT physical if you have diabetes?

If you have type II diabetes that’s controlled with oral medication then you should be able to pass your DOT physical. If you have type I diabetes or use insulin to control your type II diabetes you will not pass. Also, it might be hard to pass if your blood sugar isn’t controlled well enough too.

How often do you need a DOT physical?

You’ll need to renew your results every two years. If you have certain health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or a sleep disorder then you may need to renew annually. Check with your doctor for more details.

What all do I need to bring before my DOT physical?

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Employer Authorization Form (if you are being sent by your employer)
  • List of current medications
  • List of past surgeries and medical conditions
  • List of any allergies

Do you need to pass a drug test to pass your DOT physical?

Not unless your employer requires it. If they do then the most common way to do this is through a urine sample.

How long does the DOT physical take?

The DOT physical can be done in as little as 30 minutes!

Where can I get my DOT physical?

The best place to get your DOT physical is right here at York Quick Clinic! Call or email us today to learn more on how to get started!


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