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York Quick Clinic is now open and accepting patients for high-quality, compassionate urgent care services. We focus on your wellness, delivering customized care from pre-natal to pediatric to end-of-life care. Leroy Krueger, R.N., PAC, our lead practitioner, is a Davenport, NE native and is excited to be bringing modernized urgent care services to the community.

York Quick Clinic

Quick Care

At York Quick Clinic we don’t just believe in easy access to the care you need, but timely access. We know immediate medical service could be needed at a moment’s notice, which is why we take this so seriously. Learn more about our Urgent Care, Occupational Care, and Employment Physicals and how we can help you today!

Urgent Care

Urgent Care

York Quick Clinic is now open and accepting patients for high-quality, compassionate modernized urgent care services for the York County community.

Occupational Care

Employment Physicals

York Quick Clinic offers employment physicals for you. We understand you and your employer need to know if you’re physically and mentally able to take on the daily responsibilities of your job. You’ll receive proper testing and timely results.


DOT Physicals

Want to drive a commercial truck? First, you’ll need to take the DOT physical. This exam will test your general health, as well as mental and emotional fitness. After taking this test you’ll know if you can handle operating a commercial vehicle and its daily tasks. We’ve got you covered.

Urgent Care + Wellness Check Ups

York Quick Clinic is now offering urgent care and wellness checkups! The goal here is to maintain wellness by stopping any health problems before they occur. Instead of waiting until you have a health issue, you’ll have periodic wellness checkups with your York Quick Clinic physician to catch any potential problems right away.

York Medical Center

York Quick Clinic accepts most major health insurance plans.

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